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Aspen Enterprise Learning Platform

The Aspen Enterprise Learning Platform is unique in its ability to deliver a complete enterprise software solution for the capture, management and dissemination of corporate knowledge, with rich standards support to protect your investment going forward. Features such as collaborative authoring, knowledge exchange, expert communities, personalization, blended learning, skills management, 360-degree assessment and mapping allow you to deliver a highly personalized learning experience, accelerate knowledge transfer and facilitate continuous learning � the keys to enterprise learning initiatives that deliver a healthy return on investment.

Aspen is the only truly integrated suite that provides all the essential elements of an enterprise learning and productivity application under ONE Platform: one repository, one security infrastructure, one product vision, one unified architecture; and the business capabilities to create, manage, and deliver learning to your distributed enterprise.
Whether you are managing any form of blended learning, structured knowledge documents, or tacit organizational knowledge, Aspen's consistent and intuitive user interface, single logon, globalization, complete flexibility in customization allow you to seamlessly deliver ONE Experience to all your users.

Aspen's modular architecture enables you to deploy the ONE Solution that is right for you by selecting only those components that meet your needs and your budget today. At the same time, knowing the full capabilities of the comprehensive Aspen suite gives you the confidence and peace of mind to know that your solution can grow as your organization's needs evolve, so that you always have the solution that is right for you.

The Aspen suite is being used by our customers throughout the value chain. Whether you are a training manager, a business manager, or a senior executive, Aspen can help you leverage learning strategically in your extended enterprise.

Top 10 Reasons Why Customers Deploy Aspen:
- Improve Sales Readiness through up to date, just in time information delivery
- Conduct Partner Training & Education to increase revenues/e-commerce
- Reduce Costs and Time for New Product Launch
- Conduct Employee Training to reduce costs, increase employee satisfaction and retention simultaneously
- Conduct Customer Education to improve speed, consistency & quality of interaction
- Support Call Center Operations through training and on the job referencing
- Manage Compliance with Regulators
- Improve Organizational Performance with Aspen - implement company-wide productivity initiative for a one-stop solution for learning, information and knowledge sharing
- Automate Training functions to reduce costs and increase overall education effectiveness
- Implement Blended Learning; Leverage optimal training methods for each delivery.

Open and Standards-Based
- Aspen is standards-based and promotes interoperability with your existing investments --- AICC , SCORM , XML
- Aspen's open architecture is designed to integrate with your existing ERP and LOB systems to preserve existing and future technology investments

Scalable, High-Performance, Cross-Platform Architecture
- Aspen is designed for high performance and scalability across your enterprise
- Aspen can be deployed across your global enterprise and supports multiple languages, time zones and currencies
- Aspen supports a variety of platforms to integrate into your existing IT infrastructure
- Browser: Internet Explorer, or Netscape Navigator
- Database Server: Oracle on Solaris, or Microsoft SQL Server
- Application Server: Windows 2000 Server, and Internet Information Server.

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